Our diverse team is, over the years, a story of work to promote a culture of empowerment and leadership at Jesus-Light-of-the-World.

Meet the team

Pastoral Leadership

Fr. Francis Mckee


Tess Manlugon

Lead, Hospitality

Angel Khaznadjian

Evangelization - Lead, Alpha

Stéphane Béraud

Dir. of communications - Lead, Catechesis

Micheline Hortie

St-Suzanne ambassador

François Gilbert

Deacon - Lead, Liturgy
Meet the team

Administrative Leadership

Gihan Gad

Administration (Jesus Light of the World Parish)

Gisèle Desjardins

Administration (Saint-Suzanne Parish)

Catherine Babylone


Michelle Galindo

Vice president, Wardens (Jesus Light of the World Parish)

Céline Grenier

Vice president, Wardens (Saint-Suzanne Parish)