A Sacred Covenant… of three!

Congratulations. You want to have your marriage recognized and blessed by the Lord. Wonderful! Our team of priests and lay people will be happy to accompany and prepare you in the journey before, as well as after the marriage. A marriage well prepared, and sustained through the years by times of retreat, support with other couples, and occasional sessions of marriage therapy will help keep this precious, but also fragile gift, growing.
Marriage is an adventure with Christ. Built upon a profound friendship, this beautiful institution, of divine origin (God wants it), is always at risk. We must protect it. The public commitment of a young couple is the foundation of a family, the basic cell of social life. Solid families help nourish the lives of future contributing citizens, their children, who will become the pillars of our common life together. We must build wisely. (Mt 7:21)

My beloved is mine and I am his.

Song of Songs 2:16

How to begin?

Please call a year before the wedding date. Then, the first thing is to meet the priest who will answer your questions about the civil and religious aspects of marriage, or any particular circumstances in which you find yourselves.

The first pre-requisite to marriage is for the couple to follow the parish program called ‘’ALPHA’’. After that, the marriage team will meet and accompany you till the wonderful day of your wedding, and as well after, for those who would wish. Topics such as the sacramental nature of the marriage, family life, theology of the body, theology of sexuality, the liturgy will be discussed. We want you to succeed in a long happy marriage!

The Lord’s blessings on your journey.

Contact the parish at least one year before. Please do not set a wedding date or make reservations before speaking to the priest.

Mary-Queen-of-Peace Church

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Saint Suzanne Church

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