Come journey with us!

What is Alpha?

Alpha offers a space where people from any background can encounter Jesus. The same Alpha content is run all over the world, by Christians of all traditions, and provides a common expression of faith.

Our next session starts Tuesday March 19 2024. Please note registration is closed for this session, see you this Fall!

COST : Free (Donation suggested for the meal)


Live the experience

Explore life, faith, and the presence of Jesus among us. Alpha is a series of 11 sessions and a retreat, starting on March 19, 2024. The sessions take place on Tuesdays in-person at Mary Queen of Peace Church. A typical session starts with a meal, followed by a video and small group discussion from 6:45 to 8:45 p.m.

For any questions please contact Angel.



All sessions start with a time to connect, relax, and build friendships. Connecting and catching up is important, and it’s no different at Alpha


Explore the big issues and questions of life, faith and Christian belief with others. Who is Jesus? How do I pray? How does God guide us?


Discuss with others, hear what they have to say, and contribute with your own perspective. This is done in an open and friendly environment.



“This process of rediscovering our faith is a work in progress. It has already rendered very beautiful and important results in our daily lives and Alpha was a very important part of this process. Thank you to the team and the wonderful people we met during the sessions and thank you to my mother-in-law for inviting me and my wife.”- Shamir, December 2023


“When we went on the Alpha Holy Spirit retreat, they asked us where in the world we would want to visit if money was no object. I didn't know my answer at the time because I could not decide on one place. When we got back home from the retreat, I realized my answer: I would love to see God's kingdom. Thank you Alpha for this realisation.”- Julie, December 2023


“I felt my spiritual life has been mostly spent alone with no one to share all I've learned and read about Our Lord Jesus Christ, until God intervened. One day after work, an old friend invited me to check out Alpha at our church. I had a feeling I was being called for something special. God always knows what our hearts long for and he gives in abundance! I decided to bring my girlfriend along for the journey and by His grace, she has decided to become a catholic herself. We now go to church every Sunday, attend Bible study every week and are waiting impatiently for the next Alpha session to begin. Alpha has changed my life for the better; I feel I have found purpose in life to bring others to know Him as well, and to feel the joy I have experienced.”- Ferdinand, December 2023


“What I loved most was that each week it was informal, and we watched videos about topics that are extremely relevant to today's world. I enjoyed going into small groups and not only speaking about what we watched, but hearing personal stories, sharing personal views, and getting to know one another, all while building new friendships and relationships with each individual along the way.”- Joe, February 2023