Onction des malades / Sacrament of the Sick


Le sacrement des malades fait partie du trésor de l’Église pour bénir, soutenir et guérir nos malades. La guérison que le Seigneur nous donne est rarement physique, mais est très souvent psychologique, et encore spirituelle. Le Seigneur prend soin de nous quand nous sommes malades, et nous invite à unir notre maladie au mystère de la croix du Christ.

Le sacrement des malades est donné tous les premiers samedis du mois, à l’église Marie- Reine-de-la-Paix, après la messe de 9 h. Sinon, il suffit de contacter le prêtre qui se fera un plaisir de vous rendre visite chez vous.

Que le Seigneur soutienne nos malades !


Christ does not abandon us when we are ill. To the contrary, He spent much of His young life caring for and loving the sick, and those who were suffering. This was part of His life’s work.

When Christ sent out His disciples, he asked them, besides proclaiming the wonderful news of the gospel, to visit the sick and lonely. This was part of the agenda!

There is a sacrament (sign of Christ’s presence to us when we are ill), called the sacrament of the sick. For this, we visit the sick person, offer them confession (for their sins), anointing of the body with Holy Oil, and finally the Eucharist.  The sacrament of the sick is a sign, that Jesus is with me, and sustains me in my weakness.

Just call the priest, and he will be happy to visit you and anoint you. The sacrament of the sick, is for those with a more serious condition, naturally.

St.Paul tells us this: “I complete in my body what is lacking to the sufferings of Christ.” Paul also says, ” We carry in our bodies the dieing of Jesus”. Both of these texts give a strong spiritual sense to our sickness and remind us that the mystery of Christ’s saving work is being lived in our own human bodies. Consequently, our sufferings and pain are not useless. They are part of our participation in God’s work of redemption.  The Sacrament of the sick, helps us unite our sickness with the pain of Christ, so that it may be at the service of God’s kingdom for our friends, the Church, our children and grandchildren, our families, and for whomever the Lord choses to use it. May Christ help us in our sufferings.

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