Reconciliation (confession)


The sacrament of confession (sometimes called reconciliation, or penance), is a healing sign of God’s love. Jesus heals us when we mess up, sin, and make bad decisions which are harmful to ourselves or others. We all sin. We know it, even if we don’t like to admit it, and Christ is not surprised. He gave His life so that we might be healed and saved.

Confession is a simple sacrament. It involves a conversation with the Catholic priest, in which the person admits before the Lord (and in front of the priest), their wrong doing. It is not a time to give excuses, or to explain ourselves. Very simply, we are invited to take responsibility for our sin, admit it openly, and Christ forgives us. We need to be authentically penitent for forgiveness to be effective.

Our priests are available before masses. If they are not in the confessional, then just ask them when you see them. Otherwise, you can set an appointment to meet in the priest’s office where the sacrament can be experienced.

Christ came to save sinners. Only people who, on occasion sin, qualify to come to confession. For those who are perfect… well..

Please call if you need reconciliation.

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